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This is a project initiated by Marius (from France) who came to join KPB during his exchange program. It was quite an interesting experience for him and his friends. 
This is the short video of some of the things that they did... 

More importantly listen to what they had to say from their experience. 

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  • Nice job, thank you for cleaning our earth. Hope you got some new experiences, and don't forget to share your knowledge of trashes with ur family even friend in France!
  • This project is a total experience, I never thought that even in the nearest area of Semi palar there's so much trash that I can't imagine. I really love this project it's a cool thing to do and discover that it's way beyond our imagination how people throw their trash to the sewer by not thinking about what will happen next, I'm glad you made the idea of this project cause no one will know, you just found a new discovery of trash:v I hope from this experience people could be more caring for their surroundings.
    Thank you for the useful information and idea of this amazing project!\(^~^)/

    And sorry if my words are hard to understand I'm not that good at English
  • Cool Project 👍 Cleaning sewer from wastes 👍 sorry, my english is bad
  • Keren nih, berolahraga sekaligus membantu membersihkan lingkungan sekitar...keep up the good work =]
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