AES59 What’s the Deal with Homeopathy?

You’ve probably heard about it before. An pseudo-scientific “alternative” form of medicine that is very popular around the world today, with more than 500 million people across the world using it. So, what’s the big deal?

Homeopathy claims that it can cure ailments by using a mixture of these two theories.

  1. Like cures like

This unfounded assumption means that what makes similar symptoms, can cure those symptoms. For example, diluted poison ivy can cure rashes, because an undiluted poison ivy causes rashes. Or a dilute mixture made from bee venom is used to treat swellings of the skin.

  1. Dilution

Diluting something means making an active ingredient weaker and less concentrated by continually mixing and re-mixing it with water. Homeopaths claim that the MORE you dilute an active ingredient in water, it will unlock the curative powers and the more effective medicine it will become. They dilute the ingredient so much, that by the time they’re finished, there’s not a single molecule of it left.

The average homeopathic medicine contains 30C dilution, which means:

1 part medicine to 10030 part water.

To put this into perspective, it’s not one drop of the active ingredient in a fish tank, not one drop in a swimming pool, not even one drop in the entire ocean!  To get to this level of dilution, it’s equivalent to one single MOLECULE of the active ingredient to ALL the atoms in our solar system.

So basically, those rows of Homeopathic “medicine”, it's just water, plain and simple.

9272041894?profile=RESIZE_710xDoes Homeopathy work?

The only real benefit of homeopathic medicine is nothing more than a placebo effect. As proven again and again by every scientific research facility around the world. Even the Homeopaths that make the medicine themselves admit it.

It’s not just an opinion, it’s fact.

Homeopathic solutions are just water, and the pills are just sugar. At least it’s not doing active harm to your body, it just doesn’t do anything at all.

9272045260?profile=RESIZE_710xWhy care?

What really bothers me about this is that it takes advantage of trusting, uninformed patients in need of actual medical solutions. The Homeopathic scene is an Industry that makes billions and billions of dollars. It’s an industry that is doing real harm by exploiting the trust of their consumers and endangering their health.

And taking a glance at a bottle of Homeopathic “medicine”, it’s very hard to distinguish between that and the real thing. Sometimes it’s even sold at pharmacies, side by side with science-based medicine, tricking the uninformed buyer into thinking that both of them are equally as effective.


Is there anything good that comes from Homeopathy?

Surprisingly, yes. What makes homeopathy so successful is the amount of care the doctors and nurses give them in most Homeopathic healthcare facilities.

Even though the actual homeopathic medicines themselves give no effect to the patient’s health, most of the staff themselves are much different than the ones you’ll find in regular Hospitals. They take the time to listen to you, they make you feel safe, accepted and understood. This amount of compassion and human interaction is what makes the patients feel better emotionally, and keeps them coming back.

In modern hospitals, the system is designed to be as effective and time-saving as possible. Making interactions very rushed and to the point, the doctor rushing from patient to patient, leaving them feeling vulnerable and forgotten.

The Pharmaceutical Industry is far from perfect, there are many rooms to improve. I would love to see the level of compassion and care displayed by Homeopath doctors and nurses applied together with real, science-based medicine. I think that it will make the patient much better off physically and mentally, making a better world for all of us.


Here are some great videos if you want to learn more about this topic:

Homeopathy Explained – Gentle Healing or Reckless Fraud? By Kurzgesagt

Homeopathy – Con or Cure (Enemies of Reason) By Richard Dawkins

Homeopathy, Quackery and Fraud by James Randi

And lastly, for something more light-hearted, a comedic parody:

That Mitchell and Webb Look: Homeopathic A&E

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