AES074 Thank You, Ning

AES074 Thank You, Ning

This is my last post here. Starting tomorrow, I'm writing from our new home: Jamroom.

The reason we're moving to Jamroom is because of the slow web load time. As one of your agents informed me the other day, all Ning servers are located in America. It's too far from us.

Big players have many servers in different locations around the world so customers can choose the closest one to them. But Ning isn't a big company. You are indie. Just like us. We are actually very much alike.

Ning features amazingly fit our needs in a complete way. But the web load time is crucial. Some of our members have reported that they were having trouble uploading their contents and had to reupload several times.

Ning Customer Service is one of the best I've ever encountered online. Everytime I chat with them, they're always very responsive, polite, and helpful. Fast but never rush. And I'm 100% certain they're all in-house personnels. None of them are outsourcing labors from another country. Tomorrow I will contact them for the last time to say thank you and goodbye. I will share them the link to this last writing of mine.

Thank you for being our digital home for more than one year. Ning has been a warm place for our community to stay close together during these difficult times of the pandemic. A safe corner on the internet for us to share our struggles, griefs, and hopes. You will forever be in our hearts.


Goodbye, Ning...


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