AES04 My Dream House

This is something that I love talking about, because well it’s just fun. So one day I want to have my own place and I love interior design and I feel like im picky about things that go to my room or just furniture in my house. I take these things seriously, things just have to match and be color coordinated. 

Okay so back again about my dream house, I take my inspiration from Pinterest which is one of my favorite social media platforms. Recently I’m in love with mid-century modern houses.


Mid-Century Modern denotes a style of design that was popularized from the 1930s through the 1960s. Mid-century modern houses usually have really big windows and it gives nature vibes. 

I don’t find many celebrities that have this house style, the only one I know is Dakota Johnson’s house. Her house is so beautiful I love it so much, her house doesn’t look like it’s a celebrity’s house it’s just a normal-sized house. Compared to other celebrities that have these huge mansions, and they usually go with a clean modern look. Dakota also has a very beautiful office and such a wonderful bookshelf. I’m also in love with the vintage furniture that she owns.

And there’s nothing more that I love more than a green kitchen, I'm obsessed with green kitchens with wide windows. I can just imagine myself having a green kitchen and I will be living my best life in that kitchen. 

Having these dreams of a specific house really motivates me to invest and build my career because I know it’s gonna cost a lot of money. So whenever I feel like giving up on studying, I just take a minute to realize that if I work hard enough, someday I could have a house like Dakota Johnson’s. 

So, pray for me and wish me luck so that one day I can effort a house like her's :)

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