AES03 Barbie movie and feminism

This started because I watched a barbie movie, it was barbie and the three musketeers. That movie was about  Corinne a country girl who dreams of being a Musketeer, protector of the French royal family, just like her father, D'Artagnan. Now as he turned seventeen, Corinne asks her mother to let her go to Paris to become one. And she did go to Paris but people never thought that a woman could ever become a musketeer. So because she couldn’t become a musketeer she worked at the royal palace and met 3 girls that also wanted to be a musketeer. 

And they met an old lady that also worked at the palace, and she saw potential in the girls and she heard their conversation about wanting to be a musketeer. Apparently, the old lady was good at fighting, and she though Corinne and her friend how to fight. One day Corinne saved the prince from his uncontrollable hot air balloon, and they have a conversation. 

The prince told her about how he is so sure that one day men could fly. And she supports him by saying nothing is impossible, but when she told the prince that she wanted to be a musketeer one day and he laughed at her and said that a musketeer is a man’s job. Corinne answered, “Well if you think men can fly, how come do you think women can’t be musketeer.” 

Long story short someone was trying to kill the prince, and Corinne and her friends saved the prince. And they proved everyone wrong, they showed that women can be anything. After saving the prince they became musketeers. Their dreams came true. Such a beautiful ending. 

This film is just 100% girl boss energy, I love it so much. I truly thank everyone that took part in the making of this film, thank you for shaping me to be the woman I am today. I recommend if you have kids, especially a daughter please do watch this movie. So amazing, and empowering.

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