AES028 Being Grateful

AES028 Being Grateful


I'm writing this post in English because I wanted to share this post with the maker of the movie, Justine and Michael from the Green Renaissance Youtube Channel. 

This my 28th essay since I first started with this Atomic Essay movement with some friends in our school. After my morning silent time, I opened up my phone and saw that there's a new video from this channel. I tapped the link to the video. Somehow it was quite silent, while usually around that time you can hear motor bikes buzzing up and down the road in front of the house. I was sitting on the grass for my morning meditation, shortly afterwards I watched the scenes unfolding before my eyes in the small screen of my phone. Halfway through the movie I smiled because I knew what I am going to write about on my essay for the day.

This movie is about the life of Gert and Bettie, in their simple, humble livelihood in South Africa. Their words are so captivating, so full of meaning. It's like their words are engraved in what they are doing... When Bettie baked the bread in the ground, that was an amazing scene... so simple and yet so meaningfull. When Gert stirred the coffee and milk besides the fire, that was also so poetic... True, happiness do come from small, simple things. It's just a matter of perspective... Truly, this movie sets up my mood for the day, and for that I am grateful.  

I love this channel since the first time I saw it. I mean the videos are amazing. The themes, I love them. The music, they are lovely. Immediately I felt a deep connection with the messages the videos are conveying. I mean I just love it. In so many ways I feel that the films really speak for me, for my dreams and aspirations. And among all the loud, busy, dizzying world of social media and modern life, such movies are like a breath of fresh air...  

And I am happy that I have the chance to write about in albeit in this small way. It's just a way of saying that your work is definitely needed especially in times like these... The title of the movie, the title of this post, is what my feeling is about... being grateful. 

Shortly after dinner, I clicked another link on my phone, then I watched a singer Jane Marczewski, she called herself Nightbirde's - performed on AGT. One where she got Simon's Golden Buzzer because of her amazing performance of her own song, entitled I'm OK. Well she is a cancer patient with cancers in some parts of her bodies. Her doctor said she only got a 2% chance of survival. Her song and her voice were so touching, so heartfelt - it brought tears to my eyes... The golden buzzer was so well deserved. 

Soon after, I started typing this post. All while thinking of how grateful I am for the life that I am having. I am so blessed.

In the age of the Internet, of Youtube and stuffs, I am glad that I can witness such wonderful people like Gert and Bertie, and listen to the soul-stirring voice of Jane Marczewski. In any case this is a good day. Thank you.

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    Got a response from the movie maker Justine and Michael, which is really great!
  • What got into me was when she said,"You can't wait until your life isn't hard anymore before you decide to be happy!"

    Also when she said that she got 2 percents chance of survival and 2 percents was not zero percent . 2 percents was something and she wished people knew how amazing it was! 

    If everybody was so optimistic like that, the world would probably  be different! 

    Thank you for bringing it up! Such an amazing and inspiring story!

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