AES02 - Rape Culture

tw: rape, sexual assault 

Today Im going to talk about rape culture, so what is rape culture? Rape culture is a sociological theory of a setting in which rape is pervasive and normalized due to societal attitudes about gender and sexuality. In rape culture maybe not everyone participates in rape, but sometimes we participate in this culture that makes rape happens. 

So for example, if we’re looking at a woman in a sexual way, were objectifying her, making sexual comments, etc, and not caring about what she thinks or feels seeing her as a thing over a being/human that means were contributing to rape culture. So we might not be raping someone but were actually making the first step which is that you think you can look at someone in a sexual way either they like it or not. 

Victim blaming is a big part of rape culture, somehow now victims of rape are blamed for the way they dress, the way they talk, the times they go out, etc. Victims that are often women are told to cover up, to not walk alone, to not go out at night, and some people see this as the right solution. In my opinion, it’s just crazy how some people think this is the solution and the fact that so many people defend the rapist saying that “boys will be boys” “she was asking for it”, etc. 

So what can we do to end rape culture? There are many things that we can do, including supporting, listening, and fighting for victims. We can also spread awareness about rape culture and sexism to our friends and family. Also, we need to start calling out friends and families when they make inappropriate rape or sexist jokes. The more people know about this I hope, we can unite to end this toxic culture and make a better and safer world for everyone, especially for women and girls. 

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