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soo for the past year if been doing research on my own about one particular human emotion that is difficult to explain and understand, it's called creepiness. to make my research easier let's see other emotions that correlate to creepy like horror. these emotions have a reason behind it like horror, if you see a ghost you will immediately feel scared but there is no danger, not like a gun pointed at you. I like how Stephen king breaks apart scary stuff, like the gross-out its like a disease, disgusting, and morbid. the next one is horror, horror for king is something that is going to grab you in the dark when you thought you were alone, and the last one is terror, terror for king is realizing that you came home but the furniture is changed by an exact copy and terror to king is feeling that you're going to be grabbed but when you look back there is absolutely nothing. Masks, if you look at a mask do you ever feel creeped out or unsafe there is a reason why you felt that way, its because your self doesn't know the intention of the person behind the mask, they could be smiling or they could be grinning. from all of those things i have created a theory for myself to make my research easier, I call it the uncanny valley, why is it called the uncanny valley its because if we see a ghost picture our brain will immediately take those emotions and turn it into horror but if you see a person with a gun your brain will immediately take hose emotions and turn it into danger. let's say horror and danger are the mountains but there must be a valley and that valley is creepiness, why is it creepiness because if you see a picture of a person staring at you from a window without moving your brain doesn't know what to do with the emotions cause the emotions cant go to horror cause its not a ghost or a monster but your emotions can't go to danger because is just a person looking at you weirdly. int he end your brain just cant decide on what emotion to pick

ill be continuing this topic to a part 2

if you want to feel the uncanny valley just chat me cause i cant send the link here, thx


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