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Hey, how's yall day doing, soo today I'm just sharing something if been following for the past year which is a sub-genre horror. what is sub-genre horror, well sub-genre horror for me is a new or interesting pattern the creator use to make a horror story one of them i like is called local 58, the Walten files, and many more. soo the one if been interested in watching is local 58, Local 58 is an interesting and unsettling story created by an unknown person in the internet, the way they tell the story is by making it like a TV program with a scary backstory by telling the viewers that the TV is recorded from an unknown random broadcast in America, the broadcast sends some weird and distorted videos and the person who took the broadcast haven't identified where the broadcast came from. until today the youtube channel hasn't been posting for a year I suggest if you have the time take a look at it

the next one is the Walten files if you guys know about Five Nights at Freddy's game franchise the Walten files is almost the same but there is no game and its more creepy with an amazing audio ambiance. its almost a lot like Five nights at Freddy's but the timeline is more simple and easier to understand and for a bit more context the story is more scary and disturbing and if you cant hold graphic images with creepy noises i don't think the Walten files is fo you

 here is the link to their YouTube and a documentary story if you guys don't want to watch the actual thing

Local 58: 

Walten Files:


Local 58:

Walten Files:


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