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Hi you might not know who i am, im Archie Yuma Xylon Bayubrata people call me Xylon, my family call me Bung they say it means bro. im 15 year old right now and well i if you guys want to know more about me just talk to me or with me. if for any reason you guys want to know what games i play or what i love doing, well i play Valorant and league of legends and what i love doing is talking, writing, surfing, and hearing music. soo if any of you guys are interested on playing with me or just talking with me feel free. if i may say i talk a lot about many topics and ideology. there is one thing that interest me a lot like unsolved mysteries and weird or creepy youtube series like local 58, the Walten file's, and many others.

oh yeah if u ask me about what music do i like, i like mostly anything one of the songs if been hearing is called oh Superman it a weird song with weird lyrics but have interesting motivation and story. formaly i hear to many rock bands like AC DC, Metalica, and many more. one of my favorite guitarists is Joe Satriani, and sometimes i take music as something that can boost my emotion for example if im sad or having melancholy and a sad song or a song that meant something for me i might get sadder or even cry most of the time. one of the songs that trigger my melancholy is SIAMES "Summer Nights", it reminds me one of my best friend and the experience i had with them.

soo if been planning to make a horror story for my next atomic essay what do yall think, i havent think about the flow or the patern of the story, yeah lets see tomorow 

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  • Selamat untuk atomic essay pertamanya, Xylon. Ditunggu postingan-postingan berikutnya. 🤓👌

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